History of NAZISM and do they have the right to exist?

The birth of NAZISM

In the late 1920’s Germany the NAZI party was a small party on the radical right in the German political spectrum. In the 1928 election they only won 2.9% of the votes.

During the early 1930s Hitler tapped into the anger and desperation of the people of Germany who were desperate for change. In July 1932 the NAZI party gained the popular vote and gained control of Germany.

The beliefs of NAZISM

The NAZI ideology is both authoritarian and totalitarian, they want extensive state power and they want the ideology to influence every aspect of life, political, social and cultural. As a result of the previous two ideological components nationalism is the next logical result. Nazism was concerned, first and foremost, with Germany and German interest.


Militarism and Expansionism are the components of the ideology that makes NAZIs want to go forth and conquer other nations and other peoples.

Economic sovereignty, this is not specific to Nazism, like many of the points above, but most countries would like to be self sufficient economically.

The impact of NAZISM

There are around 900 neo-nazi related groups in the US and you would be hard pushed to name 5 of them, as a result I would say that the impact of neo-nazism is fairly small. If they were a real issue we would all know many of these groups. The most famous group is the KKK, killed around 4,000 black people before 1950 but since then there have been very few people actually killed by the infamous group.

Should they have the right to exist?


They are bad people, hold awful views and are probably just bad people. But they don’t cause very much violence in this day and age. In my opinion they have the right to exist, let their views be sanitised by the light of day.