ANTIFA’s Marriage with the Media

So from what I can tell the only type of political violence that is acceptable in the United States is that committed by the extreme left. If you are anywhere further right than communist then you cannot commit violence, which is as it should be, but if you subscribe to the hateful and toxic ideology that is communism then you have free reign to launch your fists, rocks and sticks at you political opponents as you see fit.

The current situation in the United States has seen a rise in Marxist and communist ideologies and the mainstream media is both propagating the ideology and covering up as much of the political violence from the left as they can.

This was seen very recently when ANTIFA attacked a march held by the alt-right at Charlottesville in which one person was killed and many injured when someone from the alt-right drove a car through the counter protesters. The press deemed this as a terrorist incident but the week after there was a smaller alt-right event in Boston where a hundred or less alt-right members we in attendance.

antifaAt this event there were thousands of ANTIFA and BLM members in protest to the event and despite major news outlets claiming no one got hurt there are many videos of the far-left attacking members of the alt-right without provocation.

With the Presidential campaign of Donald Trump we saw which side the media had fell on politically and now we see it again when the left gets violent. The way in which they will call out the right wing for violence and it will be in the news for days or even weeks, but when the left commits the same level of violence(we have seen the same in Berkeley and Portland just to name a few) then the event is praised as peaceful.

It is disgusting that political violence, or any violence for that matter, is happening and that we can’t have some civil discourse and disagree with each other and not try to kill one another in the process but the fact that the mainstream media has decided to praise the left for their violent actions is sickening.