So Donald Trump re-posted a meme the other day that showed him beating CNN in a wrestling arena. This led to multiple news agencies in America claiming that he was inciting violence and that people would start attacking journalists as a result.

I don’t think that anyone still believes that wrestling is real and I think that the meme is a metaphor implying that Trump is winning the war against the media, which he has been fighting ever since he became a front runner for the republican candidacy, in the run up to the election.

This is just Trumps way of hitting back after all of the slanderous stories that the media put out about him during his campaign and after he became President. CNN have been caught lying about a Russian conspiracy to change the election results, attacking him at every opportunity and only ever showing negative stories about him. This is making the media look less and less credible and being hated by the media is starting to become a an accolade not something that we should fear.


CNN learnt the identity of the person who first created the meme that Trump posted and have said that they win’t publish this is he stops creating online content such as this, but they reserve the right to make his identity public if he carries on.

This is clearly blackmail as this could put him in serious danger as there have been attacks from groups such as ANTIFA against supporters of Trump as well as a recent attack against a republican baseball game.