How tolerant should we be?

In the west we pride ourselves on being tolerant of other people and their beliefs and their freedom to live as they wish, but at what point does this stop being tolerance and allowing our freedom to dissipate?


In recent years we have seen political correctness turn patriotism into racism, in the UK people are told not to fly their own flag because it may offend others. To this I say “if you are not from this country and are offended by our flag then i’m afraid that you came to the wrong island, Britain is a patriotic nation and we will fly the Union Jack from every window if we so wish” .

United Kingdom and European union flags combined for the 2016 referendum

After the #Brexit referendum many people tried to portray the decision to leave as a racist vote to keep immigrants out, while it is true that immigration was a big issue it wasn’t racism driving this issue. It was more to do with patriotism and sovereignty because while we are inside the EU we cannot control the amount of EU citizens that enter our borders. By leaving we would be able to decide if we wanted more doctors, then we can let in more doctors, if we want more builders we can let in more builders.

Religion and politics

Over the last few years we have seen a large influx of Muslim migrants to Europe and indeed the UK, this has put a lot a pressure on our public services. Also many of the migrants, Muslim or otherwise, are not highly skilled in fields that we need workers and therefore many do not have a job and don’t pay as much in way of taxes as citizens that do.

With more Muslims coming to the UK every year we have seen a shift in politics as political Islam has more of a voice behind it. This has forced politicians to develop a pro-Islam stance and we can start to see policies being put in place that would never have happened 10 years ago. For example the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan banned several adverts on the side of busses in our capital with women’s swimming costumes and after the recent terror attacks the race of the attacker was never given by PM Theresa May if they were Muslim but she said it was a white male after an attack on a Mosque in London.

The issue I have with any religion in politics is that religion is rigid and takes a long time for any change in it’s values, in politics things need to be flexible otherwise nothing will get done. In short, religion hinders the advancement within politics and increases bureaucracy.

want islam

Take the troubles in Northern Ireland for example there has been violence there for hundreds of years between Protestants and Catholics and there is still not peace or trust between the two with walls being erected between communities to stop the violence.

But on the other hand religion plays a big part in many people’s lives so i’m not sure that we can totally dismiss it when the politicians are meant to be working for the people and this is the will of the people to have these values in place.

Peaceful discourse

Peaceful discourse is the idea that we can talk about our differences and debate them without the use or threat of violence. We should be able to tolerate the other side enough that we don’t have to kill or injure them to stop them from voicing their opinions.

Over the last decade we have had several high-profile Muslim hate preachers calling for violence against non-Muslims, these people are not willing to have a peaceful debate about their differences.

Is Islam compatible with western values?

With around 50% of British Muslims believing that homosexuality is unacceptable and 23% saying that they want Sharia Law I cannot say that it is.

In the west we believe in the right to be able to live as you want, as long as it is within the law, but not to decide how others should live, the two statistics i have given show that Islam violates these principles and no I don’t hate Muslims I have an issue with  their ideology of which most of them were born into.