May we continue?


Theresa May has said, in the wake of a brutal result last night, that we will continue with #Brexit and portray a strong government in the face of upcoming negotiations with the EU._96345204_may-corbyn

But many people have said that she has put #Brexit in jeopardy with Nigel Farage, ex-leader of UKIP announcing that he will return to the battlefield if Brexit is put in danger, but he also stated that he would not return as leader of UKIP unless there were drastic changes within the party that would allow a leader to lead. As we know the leader of UKIP resigned last night after not winning a single seat.

But I also see many people in the media claiming that this means that the public was against her views on #Brexit and that they want a soft #Brexit like the one that Corbyn was proposing. But I believe that this is the wrong conclusion, the issue the public took with Theresa May was with her overall manifesto which promoted animal cruelty, reduction of human rights and cuts to schools and other areas of the public sector.

In conclusion I believe that the seats won by labour were more like lost by the Tories not won by anyone else.