So The Election is Tomorrow

_96345204_may-corbynTomorrow the country will go to the ballot box and decide who will be the Prime Minister for the next 5 years, unless another #Brexit happens and they resign.

This is going to be a hard decision for a lot of people as there are no good choices for those in the centre of the political landscape. You have Jeremy Corbyn who is way too far left for most people and then you hay Theresa May who will deliver a hard Brexit like many voted for but they come with a bit of a sting.

For example Theresa May wants to “Create a new Internet” which many see as government overreach by limiting the language that people can use and the ways in which they express themselves. This is no doubt in response to the latest sting of terror attacks in the UK and would give the government more powers and an increased ability to monitor potential terrorist and discover them before another Manchester happens. But if you give away you freedom for safety you will end up with neither of the two.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand wants to increase the NHS spending, increase wages and to tax the rich. The latter of those will kill our economy, just look at what happened when Nicolás Maduro , President of Venezuela increased the taxes on the rich. They all left and look their wealth with them and now the country is being deemed a failed state. We know this is not a good idea.

But it now looks like neither of these two parties will win a majority which will mean that the one with the most votes with have to create a coalition with another party. This could be an exiting prospect for some of the smaller parties such as UKIP SNP and the Lib Dems.