Trump Update

Donald Trump has today attended a news conference, the first one since he was voted in as president of the United States, in which he touched on many subjects and had some important announcements.

He spoke about how he is going to build the wall, how he has already brought back jobs to the United States, Obama care and a surprising announcement pertaining to his company.

Trump has announced that he is handing over the company to his sons and that he will no longer have anything to do with the business. This means that he will not have a conflict of interest with the business. He also told reporters that the company will no longer make deals outside of the country and any deal made within the United States and those that are will need to go through a rigorous vetting process. He did not need to do this and in doing so has set a positive precedent for the administration.

He also attacked the intelligence agencies for propagating “fake news” against his administration and implied that CNN was also to blame for publishing this fake news. This comes just days after a former CIA director suggested giving the president elect false intelligence reports.

Trump has continued to cause controversy while also providing results and because of this many people are unsure weather he is fit to lead.