Memory palace help

So you know what a memory palace is but you have no idea where to start? Allow me to help you.

If you know what you need to remember but you are finding it hard to link these things to areas in your house then try this. If you play video games then you will have a great advantage, for example I play Arma 3 which if you don’t know already is a military simulator and to be successful you have to be able to visualise your surrounding so that when things go bad (they often do) you will need to get into cover. To get into cover you will have to know where this cover is and if this is not withing 5 meters you don’t have much time to decide in which direction to run. This means that you learn to visualise large areas in the game in order to survive, This becomes your canvas.


So in the King of the hill game mode you have cargo towers (Shown above) which players will get very familiar with. This is a great place to start. When in king of the hill and you are attacking one of these there is a number of things that you do.

  1. Get to the bottom of the stairs
  2. Move to the next set of stairs
  3. Clear the small room at the top of the stairs
  4. Clear ground floor
  5. Move to the next floor
  6. Clear the top tier
  7. Move to the roof
  8. Clear the roof

This gives us 8 steps and we can put 1 image in our mind for each of these steps.

So if we wanted to memorise the 8 laws of Karma which are :

  1. humility
  2. creation
  3. growth
  4. responsibility
  5. connection
  6. giving
  7. focus
  8. presence

We can now link these together and visualise going through one of the towers and link each in your mind to the laws of karma. Then try this without looking, if you get any wrong don’t worry just stick with it.

Once you can do this then there are 100’s of square kilometres of canvas in Arma 3, this can also be done in call of duty and battlefield.

If you have any issues or questions just leave a comment and I will try to answer and help you.