The memory palace?

In this post I will explain what a memory palace is how to create one and how exactly it can help you in many areas of your life.

A memory palace (or Roman room) is a mental device that is very adaptable and has a wide range of uses. It starts by finding somewhere you know well and creating ,in your mind, places to ‘hide’ pieces of information. For the first memory palace you might want to use your room.

To start just get 20 post-it notes and write the numbers 1-20 on each. Then place these in an easy to remember order. –image showing how to convert numbers to images– and then convert each of these numbers to an image. Then try to remember where each image is in your room. Don’t worry if you don’t get it straight away it might take some time to adjust to the type of thinking that it will take to remember things in this way. Once you can remember the position of these images without being in your room then you can start to take pieces of information and linking them using vivid images with each of the images in your room. Then try going through them. First in order and then backwards. Once you can do this then pick random numbers (or ask someone else to pick) and then try to remember the information that you wanted to memorise and the piece of information linked to the number either side of the number picked. When you are sure you can do this while you are in the same room then try it in a different room from the post-it notes, increase the number on post-it notes.

The idea is to make it harder and harder to just remember the information and to rely on the techniques. In time you will be able to create palaces and change the information they contain at a moments notice. As you become more proficient the techniques will become more flexible and you will find that you start to craft your own techniques that will speed up the process. I would love to give you a short cut to these techniques but it will be different for everyone. GOOD LUCK.