Knowledge is power!!!

True knowledge is power, this statement is a well worn one but there are a few things that people don’t realise about knowledge. Yes it is a currency and like any other currency such as the pound or euro inflation applies. This mean that the more people know something the less it means. This is true in many cases but not all, but one case that this is applicable is the technology industry. What I am trying to say is that one single idea can be worth millions or even more when the right person possesses it, but if too many people have that idea then it becomes worthless or at least worth less.

I want to introduce you to an idea that I have been thinking about recently. I want to create an online space where someone with a great idea can find people with the skills to make it happen, or purchase the rights to that idea. Within this space I will create the tools needed to clearly express the ideas that people have in a format that would work for content creators.

My thinking is that this would work well with a crowd funding campaign, if people want their idea brought to life and they can earn a little money to help with their project and for people with the skills but stuck in a rut trying to think of ideas they can become part of multiple projects that, if crowd funded, could earn money while they are working on it.

Obviously this would be aimed at indie developers and freelances wanting to earn a little extra money and people with that great idea they have had but don’t have the skills or resources do to by themselves.

This is just a brief outline of what I would like to do and as I have had barely any views on here I can’t see anyone creating this before I am done but if so then good for them. I am not doing this for money I am doing this because I want to see something like this exist. I’m talking about the capitalism of ideas, the market place of ideas.